In My Darkness

Joe D.’s rookie year grimy
a lucky dollar hands you

let’s in light—

hollow plink Pascoli’s out-
put blaspheming over Asch’s

—let’s in light

Nazarene novel finishes
witness to talcum toes’ powder

…let’s in light

restful of barren finger app’ed
echo synched at one half thousand

—let’s in light

stiff aboard the sanguine city
a call to say in linked minutes

let’s in light:
live-on-tape revulsion nightly

let’s in light:
calibrates an intravenous square

let’s in light—
cogitations per.second per.second

in my darkness,
this year’s bitter herbs at sunset

Smoker From Seward

the danger on This End
East Broadway is palpable


gives – a way to Clinton St.
this beat down Henry St.

glares Am

I only recauterizing just heirs
given – forward a lean to

ear budding

leaves – dark, Cherry St.
dog-wood beaming obesiance


If You Miss the Train I’m on

The real Levite delimbed
inside faith dictated

a plaguing reprise
on to the corridors

out in the
outside mint tingling

of Italy (italy) Oi belie,
black-pepper-rich soil?

rewind the intrepid heat
mince grounded around

Midnite’s good news
ignited upon untimely

bound home of
mid-page’s desertion

Five hundred miles