Two-Timing Slim (I Heard of Him)

We got there into socks into
shoes? On to the bass: blues.

We are there into Lethe into
death? Off to the Arctic: Meth.

We ate there into conflict into
cost? Out to the heavy: loss.

We laid there into science into
fable? Up to the chair: table.

We hoped there
into exhibition in for

plush? Down to the
bottom: lush.

We fled there into
sequence into per-

spication? Faring at
the last: sensation.

Huckleberry (After Huck’s Tune)

If being is light

and time
is a sight

hang a nose on a rose
and come in

If circles get square

and blinds
lose their hare

hang a bill on a sill
and come in

If the smoke gets
so much

and my cup
has a touch

hang a cone on a stone
and come in

The shore’s gone dry

or today is
a lie

I hang a chain on a train
and get in

The Ooo

O they assumed
the kids were alright

o they believed

I was just talkin’
’bout my generation

o they really didn’t know
what it was

to be the bad man

O they were terrified
of a teenage wasteland

o it had really

been too long
since they did the stroll

o too much time

had passed since
they first believed in

rock n’ roll
O they never were amazed at

the way it pulled them
out of time

O it didn’t really move
much faster

a rollercoaster