If You Miss the Train I’m on

The real Levite delimbed
inside faith dictated

a plaguing reprise
on to the corridors

out in the
outside mint tingling

of Italy (italy) Oi belie,
black-pepper-rich soil?

rewind the intrepid heat
mince grounded around

Midnite’s good news
ignited upon untimely

bound home of
mid-page’s desertion

Five hundred miles

On A Viral Evening

Never touch. Death, touching
in, secret hissing,

in song; (of songs),

for the exhaustion, of
the demand, so emended.

It can’t; Continue, to be,
a balance, in accounts.

Irrational, in drift,
this blood spell,


talkative, as solitary,
we touch.

In close,

on a viral evening,
we dance.

At Alert

Rapacity you do.
Eyes a good egg’s
blue volumed low. Raving chestnut

engulfed like her.

Ears to entertain simplicities just now
breezily open. At alert:

yours busy playing tempest;
busy at work–too. Tamping it down.

Ramping up.