When fallish

awakes abruptly

in a summertime slumber
cherish the chance

to feel

incrementally dumber
If Autumn’s color

lightly bleakens

a vivid resolve
in temperature weakens

Alight for lumber

dark bark
naked like you


warm legged

kindred solace

All the bitter white
night through

Fyodor & Boldt

A note from the judge grated edge
Of my frayed Jewish new quarter sock
Writs of delicate Delmore feared dead
Beloved Yiddisher farm channel cock

Of such rage for discrimination
A globalized cage open for folly
Just Solly’s contumely-ish mind
Performing fresh in a seminal volley

Faith columns black wind for death
My slop heart sets out brown challie
Mentions of aggrieved missing depth
Diction dizzy in some modern dolly

Take this time issue directly above
It posits construction to be more aspiring
I cohere with this articulately too
Just lately being a blue jay retiring

Species can turn air this summer
Lies may strengthen unfurling squall
White capitals to wet thumb the breezes
Dryden’s O is a good goat song call


I never wrote about
the brackish birds asleep
on faded spearmint green
beside that sleek oak mirror

Or the soft felt tapestry
adorned by silver faces
pillowing safely down
gripped to a close white ceiling

And my colonized poet
behind an unlocking door
who thin-souled and glared
calmly looking thin

There also stood black Pharaohs
stirrupped heroes on cleats
under afro-made helmets
blurry on sheets

Even pennied plastic
of a bitten-up plug
velcroed still wishes
in formative bends

When it all subtly meant
to be a boy as alone
means bluntly now
being alone as a man