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An only recalled farmland,
twin fistfuls
of Northern arable homesoil,
granulated, phantomed light
drenching, permissive of emission, byway
ray, cathode sting—some
fieldside grown eyes, concretized,

Acuity and detail,
escaping vapor, an image
sought before respite; Manifold:

possible energy


The buildings’ wash,
I rise.

The buildings’ fall,
I wash.

The buildings’ weep, the peoples’
feel, I wash.

The peoples’ watch,
the buildings’ fall, I rise.

The buildings’ feel, the washers fall,
the peoples’ sweep, I fill.

The risen reel, the washers feel,
the buildings’ lie, the peoples’ fall,

I heap.


Every breath
a hypocrite

Every death
a broken oath fulfilled

Every test
a new and old testament

Every self a slipped open
shirt sleeve