Blues For Gilbert

I’ll say it (if no
one else will) Kaddish in
memoriam for
a grifter no exemplary Maimonides
descending Fire
Island graduate effusing a tin pan palette

I’ll say it again (if no
one else will) Kaddish for
a racetrack alley
sheen complected edge-of-belly
knuckle splitting
tonic snuff of Francis’s coo’s angular doo

I’ll say it (if no
one else will) Kaddish for
a heedless court star
Crown Royal box-top malingerer
inviolate consti-
tuency upsetting stairwell aftershave sense

I’ll say it again (if
no one else will) Kaddish for
my unlucky soft
stack OTB Chatham Square confetti
hall-torch gas-
furnishing homestretched story’s last call

At Alert

Rapacity you do.
Eyes a good egg’s
blue volumed low. Raving chestnut

engulfed like her.

Ears to entertain simplicities just now
breezily open. At alert:

yours busy playing tempest;
busy at work–too. Tamping it down.

Ramping up.


Ever purpose it lonely in the middle?

or rally to flee Soviet Jewry a bladder
full of kosher milk deciding

impassioned choice hitting capitol sod
Mighty Mac’s cherished hammerhead zipper

a talisman against shame against door

history against cries of solidarity
steamier streak beside relief

liberation from the preceding trickle
yellow skies verboten on Reaganite limbs

I repurpose it to await white hairs

Ever propose it lonely at the bottom?

weather travels cross a Hudson River Line
gone scoping the daily co-op used brick

enumerated flattened sacks of Grand
jumping broken blocs a daughter

Eastern ignorant but one exodus

ten prescriptive flags icing
an assimilated desert winging

dime’s worth aim scuffing hardballs
bouncing out this tonsillected oy-vey-iz-mir

I propose it on wounded caps

Suppose it on the top, lonely? the
crocodile street puckers of blonde

turned Warsaw factory Braun slippers
under sidecurl in favor of

neon punk blue MTV astral fade

to fake black denim unrolled kissing
a pair of all white Chucks tie-dyed

in the last millennium’s mountains

I suppose, suppose, suppose