Dreiser’s Tic

Keep worrying

unmade good
bares a telling
eye your favorite


is to die
the coin

that expanse
crumbs with

slight filling

Hissing (Tales of Yankee Power)

Jerked up a’neath the trained
two shower heads’

fibrous glow

informed their
precipitous abiding

A belching tearful
white towel over-chasm

& under-limbs

over-rims & under-

An intimacy’s instance
(a position)


the up-coming
treason’s down-

cast step

120: 1978

Me shark tooth leaps
me up afore sunrise
it wires mandibles
toils ahead of
a finite cavitied
enamel wincing

receptive to 24’s

navy blue stirrup twisting
down through re
freshed brown
the cool-out side
this shade of chocolate milk
soil infirmity or unoccurred
a beast by retiring blow
as melody to remedy
paying me inclined in fall back
of the next appropriate 60 asleep