Song King

Lathering gods by the bands
of Maimonides arms of Augustine

shouts of Assisi noms of Palestine
By the beads of Emmanuel

placings of Josephus gems of
Jerusalem swells of Epheseus

Or (of course)

by the bouts of Heraclitus
spindles of Hasmonea

emphases of Demosthenes
wheel spokes of Harmonia

And As

Oracles proclaim
sibilance a penitence

dethroned innocence
minotaurs sacrifice

liniments the lyricist
recalled imminence


The young swallowed many not to
descend thrice–(why I name

it Arrived).

At this reception
the owner’s grace

coupled gestative faiths (bound the same moon).

Thales’ mis-measure reached.

Judaizer about the relative but new
agora’s fringe:

ancient eyes on extemporizing

Rebelling, paralytic, casting aground for
the ideal form–

a pear cell, a host, resurrected

gateway’s wall seated crumble;

feathered soldierly, common

banked through

messianic skies.