I Loave Lucy (Now Sluiced!)


The last ‘a’ lately
Believes it to be an ‘e’
‘Eata’ / ‘vita’ speak often
Loafing aloof for free

When ‘vega’ was oh-so-young
And ‘vega’ (so) did not see
‘Min’ could not o’suffer
The myopic for the miserly

McGillicuddy Manor—
In the Poconos and beyond
Frumpish Mister Frawley
Her redberry Venus “C’mon!”

Up in the old apartment
Up above Empire States
Radio waves hung lowly
Emphysemic tri-eyed fates

“Ricky dues
Desi dun’ts
Smoking away
Of HUGE blonde blunts”

“Vivvy voo
Vivvy vill
Gulped up trap
A briefly fill”

Chocolate grape, see
Paris Francesee
Telephone girdles ‘C’
Furnishing candidly

How. Did. They meet?
How. Did I. Secrete?

Often. Only. Under. Only. Over. Now. Okay. Dark. Okay Light.

Park me rapacious in parade—

Court me aggrieved, of such charade—

Address me sweet-low,
now how staid;

Satiate me some—
adrift at the county Dade

…wishing rapids

To the moon
to the maid