Her Seeing Night

They came,
red dark bursts of flame,
thirty-six letters spun, living deeds,
unloving pupils, bumbling tongues,
their foundation—a high,
mountainous host
of world-lent reputation,
built talk upon silent song,
blood-caked, lashing purple,
the gaping electorate:

neck-bones bent, bending,
incinerating laughter?

Radiated in the few million,
their mud-slick ear, anger,
hirsute genitalia, a tough suspense.

white viscosities, the shine, the light,
one stub-node humbling,
two binary agreements dancing,
and delightful fever
assembling prayerful:

shawl hurt, garment rung,
tapestry kicked, sandal slung;

frenzy, slither, broth pinked
outside a main; A graying lung.