‘Derivation’ is not ‘Murder’

‘She’ is of a type
‘He’ is of a type
‘I’ am of a type
‘typical’ thoughts

‘Marx’ is but marks
‘lines’ are but lines
‘print’ is but print
‘writerly’ writing

‘speech’ is silent
‘words’ inaudible
‘volume’ undetectable
‘voice’ unimaginable

‘God’ does not really exist
‘Buddah’ is nothing much
‘Jesus’ has no tears
‘Mohammed’ is sightless

‘America’ is tiny
‘Russia’ has no weather
‘Israel’ isn’t ‘Palestine’ and
‘Jacob’ ain’t not ‘Israel’

‘Shakespeare’ can’t write
‘Dylan’ sure can’t sing
‘Beethoven,’ DEEF? uh-uh
‘Ginsberg’ is not dead

‘Ma’ don’t nurture
‘Pa’ don’t neither
‘Family’ don’t read
‘Jared’ will never be a poet