After breath is gone, wait,
we shall lead. Again,
birth begun,
please, wait, we can not
be clean with need.

Again, hearts bend in lean,
suspended, wait,
please. We can carry,
continuing, carry silence,
after, the sincerest deed.

After wanting, waiting to
teem, both, moth and beam,
will you wait? Will we please?

I am honored, ceasing,
bothering dream, quieted.

New Love Poem

Her legs in my life, a love at the
skin night
and day.

Conversing with flesh, a light
now found,

last conjured today; moons
eternal, moons as alive waxen,

perpetuity of our spiriting sense:

this seasoned morning. A

loving on her new skin.

Reach, her grasp inside blue light
interrogating hearts upon

unappeasing fingers,
unpressed, miles like her new touch
surrounding my new

in company:

our extensive glow–

space, a soundless heat, the
shaving chest
inscribed the bellows

of breathing rib, new objects–
gesticulating, set in memory’s

receipt of our cast-iron apple
cinammon seed:
my opened mouth, my wild

I inhale. Bowed now in full, her
smiling quenched.

I, So Liking

I, so liking to enjoin myself to observe,
and to deeply hold her mind

well worked into
mine, all holding–inside it, in mind.

So, enjoyed to liken, then, not-
nothing regardless of reality-fielding

irregularities dotting her tees, her: she,
criss-crossing my two eyes.

Laughing, no longer lasting apart while fallen

threshing truths on the venom of hefted lips.