Division St. Row(Fish)

Guppying, grappling,
in behesting a glass-
parallel planular fleeted
with a white-blue, down-

slope recoiled on
that forty five,
roiling sink edged
over-above mind’s

illustrated skate black
(nullity under flesh-flap),
filigreeing-on an empty oracular
lime-limbed socket stop.

Against The Light

I walked the gutters
of lower manhattan
all but asleep
in another’s restless dream

I dragged a body with dead head
and a disguise of youth
wherever I could not think

I lived full and alone
in anguished biology
seeing a segmented world
through nothing but eyes

Never hit by grace
I survived by history
my feet were a fated pair
I stayed still without knowing

The air was always dark
the air was mostly always wet

Such big visitors
talking talkers on all sides

I finally escaped
I did it in time

So much sugar in my blood
what a watch to be!