I’m amazed at the way she carries
her weight,
angling ahead, temporally, ageful, saying so
much. And how I lay;
in wonder; empowering, marching
mobile machinery, peace-marking,
undercurrent undulating in the pleasing
empty lamplight,
encompassing—stacked down places—
lines of lights,
pulsating, satisfied in a distillation
of memory.

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An only recalled
farmland, twin fistfuls
north, arable, homesoil; gran-
ulated phantomed light
drenching, permissive
of emission. Byway ray, cath-
ode sting, some tubing. Verdant fieldside
activity grown eyes, concretized, afflicted;
acuity and detail, escaping vapor,
an image sought before respite;
manifold of possible energy-states.