Rememberin’ the 1960’s
movies of the 1980’s

Distinguishin’ the 1890’s
looks from the 1960’s

Romanticizin’ the 1990’s
memories of the 2020’s

Forget the 1970’s
sleep of the 1970’s

Revisit the 1930’s
dreams of the 1950’s

Embodyin’ the 1940’s
outside of newsprint read

Kid Billie

She challenges me
an Art Blakey

a temperament in stereo
I challenge her

the positive union
overlapped natural number

Leonard my breadful was blues
the capital record

(WHOW, 98.6 fm)

It feels hot at
the Jazz corner

of the world

when twelve got culled
slapped at her face

behind whose back
wrought a mean in me

and I don’t explain

The Poem All Told

tell I’m glowin’ down low

Tell I’m arrivin’ up trite

tell I’m tempting the fact

Tell vanity too little charms

tell string the Achaean tuning

Tell luster glistens with gold

tell I’ll know too late

Tell too soon can’t remember

tell anybody to tell?

Tell by a bleak stricken stall

tell is nothing to tell

Tell something; Speak tonight,

tell the pleasant tells softly telling

Tell the woven and the loosed

tell the dead to tell the fold

Tell the sermon tell the mount

tell the poem all told