The Snipe

I am ignored
or looked past
unthought of
but succeeded

He is
place-holding or
eclipsed shunned
to a side

I go racing
beyond visible
teasing out
the inevitable

She finishes
unaccounted for
misrepresented akin
to one iconic

It stays
beholden inside
this minute
wandering away

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Poem

A closed-off closing
of an English
moving smile
without my
benevolent hawk-boy:

the epicyclical

Talons situating
penury, fierce
despite questioning casts
of cheapish film

collecting, factory smoked-in

blitzed out—(fading in and out)—
revolted: industrializing chiaroscuro.

The Appling

Not letting go
but embracing

and then putting
down to sleep

and keeping
sleep awake behind

the skin lifted
to a look

of my own
long worked-at


and apprehending

a grand mirage
the image

of oppor-
tunity a memory

of how it must
have been

in home
and house

of a new acquaintance
with her mother

if not animals
but surely there was

a garden
and room enough

to hear
I slept

in the attic

seeing the Indian
in the Cupboard

and even at that

age I thought
myself to

have illegally
attained a modicum of

interiority albeit the amorphous

heft left
and felt


fizzled moppings
of soft brown stairs

a beardless visage
plain or vacant with no

thought sounding unprofound