Denuded Loops

Breathing, labor,
darkening. Light habits

used-to-dress in
the capital.

I pray, I advance.
The embossed,

lightly-staged logorrhea
as elixir atop her

middle ass.

Spoken in circles too dark
to splay inside.

Cutlass. New. Red-
bannered mandarins

folded in halves,

Face pains stretched
the distance of

his epiglottis,

choked down methods

sea swinging
with stillness, their blue,

and by fallen
white lips

set walking.

A.’s criteria: air bound
splinters into Brazilwood,

tampered down dynamics (sotto
voce mite-born variations).

As to which scribal novitiate’s
captaincy bearing?

Finished-out salvage: pink
embered, half-Portuguese

astrolabes. The persistent
thrumming together. Branch

feigning, brushed-up
incisors, intra/

psychic methodologies

of Lobachevsky’s ill-chronicled,
red welling eye.

Ninety miles north, I might-as-
well adjust ninety.

communist anthem, again…

tonight a lowing
of tranquilizers.

Stubborn; titular; cased
relinquishing pictographs.

Infestations of

a formal, anthropophagic,
constellated hype.

Huckleberry (After Huck’s Tune)

If being is light

and time
is a sight

hang a nail on a wail
and come in

If circles get square

and blinds
lose their hare

hang a nail on a wail
and come in

If the smoke gets
so much

and my cup
has no crutch

hang a nail on a wail
and come in

The shore’s gone dry

or today is
a lie

I hang a nail on a wail
and come in

The Ooo

O they assumed
the kids were alright

o they believed

I was just talkin’
’bout my generation

o they really didn’t know
what it was

to be the bad man

O they were terrified
of a teenage wasteland

o it had really

been too long
since they did the stroll

0 too much time

had passed since
they first believed in

rock n’ roll

O they never were amazed at

the way it pulled them
out of time

O it didn’t really move
much faster than

a rollercoaster