Flown Buttress

—Of your S. S. Hubris de-
—lineated by an epigraphic
favor’s dis-
—emvoweled, illusory
For my
first five years
—of plodding—
—the harbored arks pro-
—to war

+and please

Abbreviating Summer, 198?

A rollered narcissus-flower
smoked. The rollered
narcissus-flower blown.
The bellowed cribbing, tossing
over jaundiced-black
myopias, codifying suggestion:
velveteen volume’s neural

acidity; Our mangled, our mute-
buttoned lake.

Voices of Monticello skill
and of craned–racing importance,

localized in Mid-western manners,
up-country toward bungalow im-
pudence to courtly request;
the quick-mix concretized is
embattled, is lush
and is blistering of our feather-

weight, blood-winged feast;

“I do not know myself!” uttered
by our-inner, our-urban
suffused dementia, warrant for

the reviling, revolving

Red Agenda

The bones all boiled in ashen
city secret: I come
to hear the unhealing,
the singed and I am
listening for
harmonic waging of white
or black-
forested activity, entwined
in a high-hung helix

of an old and abrupt,
epistolary sub-