The Stroll

Radical line at this East
never aberrant inside

symbolic disappearance
Off of creaking outer

sensitivity-definition and
essential Real command

in tangle unfurnished by
gamesmanship to lunge

crepuscular creativity
lipped sores one

historical moth
at broad daylight

for the softening climate
a linear coin-fresh

and anti-cool


I died 1981
theme park

Dania, Florida

THE famished stage
carried eighty
rounds—of tone

and soaked morrow

Waves none
where waves all
chlorine seep

past bites past suck

small new
hurting a stitch


Traveled nearby,
abandoned shul,

Nadezhda to inform
weathered stone

poetry just wasn’t
for me.

Had this done
of another guise,

severed purpose
after feeling petty,

’bout a name.

Where words lose
means, my pencil

lances to no point.