Prognosticating For Bob Dylan, Beacon Theatre, New York City

A week—today—
I quilt my lowdown
and me my sundown
to smear. (on)

A week—today—
Isis knocks my
and me my skin
to wear. (out)

A week—today—
Queen Jane’s approximate
and me my call
to clear. (out)

A week—today—
Ramona swells
her way,
and me my Deuteronomy
to bear. (out)

A week—today—
Bob slips
his stay,
and me my dove
to hare. (out)


Eighteen days these little
poems music selections comprise
to fail to comprise
maybe when if and only if ever.

These Ways

These ways of corraling are
mysterious. These ways of corraling
the furious—

bread and love and slogans to apprehend,
lights and thunder and
pictures that

won’t pretend,

cards and shading and time
eclipsed at bend,

these are the ways (wow) the corraling
never ends…

These are the ways
corraling never ends—laughing and

hiding and saying let’s defend,
praying and washing and taking to intend,

walking in a moon when your
heart is on the mend—

these ways of corraling
the curious.

These ways of corraling
are serious.