The young swallowed many not to
descend thrice–(why I name

it Arrived).

At this reception
the owner’s grace

coupled gestative faiths (bound the same moon).

Thales’ mis-measure reached.

Judaizer about the relative but new
agora’s fringe:

ancient eyes on extemporizing

Rebelling, paralytic, casting aground for
the ideal form–

a pear cell, a host, resurrected

gateway’s wall seated crumble;

feathered soldierly, common

banked through

messianic skies.

Saint Mendel

I saw you dreamt
of Mendel
as nebbishy as he could be

I heard you dreamt
him sighing
for all he was told to be

I dreamt I slept
aside him
holding his oft sold soul

I dreamt I wept
inside him
forgiving him his asked for roll