I’m amazed at the way she carries
her weight,
angling ahead, temporally, ageful, saying so
much. And how I lay;
in wonder; empowered—marching mobile
machinery, peace-marking;
undercurrent undulating in the pleasing
empty lamplight,
encompassing—stacked down places—
lines of lights,
satisfied within a distillation
of quiet memory.

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An only recalled farmland, twin fistfuls
of Northern arable homesoil,
granulated, phantomed
light drenching,
permissive of emission, byway
ray, cathode sting—some
fieldside grown eyes, concretized,

Acuity and detail, escaping vapor,
an image sought before

Manifold: possible energy


The buildings’ wash,
I rise.

The buildings’ fall,
I wash.

The buildings’ weep, the peoples’
feel, I wash.

The peoples’ watch,
the buildings’ fall, I rise.

The buildings’ feel, the washers fall,
the peoples’ sweep, I fill.

The risen reel, the washers feel, the
buildings’ lie, the peoples’ fall,

I heap.