The Waiting

Time between re sponses
is a time to doubt responsive
to doubt wanted

to doubt doubt

Re sponding too between times
is but temporary to a tempo
to a condition

to tempered tempers

Conditioning lastly between
is a timorous with wanton
du rability
with re spoken
u nanimity

with in
a timeless
song itself

Daughters Of The Catskills Supplanted

“We can never be ahead of our own,”
hot gossiping
while glinted,
appealing on their wavering sundeck, squinting;

Dropped in big covetous
lights away, those slighted,
those bidding, composed down reddishly gilded
(how skinny) calloused texture,


through-to at least a decade’s old last

(this dawn’s security, shelved) so—

warm-toned beachwear:

the white-flower-printed, and mothball-
scent assented,

but thoughtless
to generous, counting aggravations of

a deeper settling, unrented.

I Walked

I walked the gutters
of lower manhattan
all but asleep
in another’s restless dream

I dragged a body
with dead head
and a disguise of youth
wherever I could not think

I lived full and alone
in anguished biology
seeing a segmented world
through nothing but eyes

Never hit by grace
I survived by history
my feet were a fated pair
I stayed still without knowing

The air was always dark
The air was mostly always wet
Such big visitors
talking talkers on all sides

I finally escaped
I did it in time
So much sugar in my blood
what a watch to be!