Common Sense (’16)

Give a chance.
Give a hope.
Give a prayer.
Give a rope?

Give a heart.
Give a hat.
Give a speech.
Give a bat?

Give a hug.
Give a kiss.
Give a smile.
Give a hiss?

Give a shake.
Give a wave.
Give a towel.
Give a knave?

Give it time.
Give it thought.
Give it meaning.
Give it nought?

I gave a chance.
I gave a hope.
I gave a prayer.
I got a dope.

The Other Day

When your reaction reflected
the violence dripped off
onto my thin lips
I knew not
what was speaking

When recalling this fall
repeating fists inflicted
down a child’s small spine
I knew I felt
but addicted

When comprehending again
how electricity courses
through a family infraction
I knew to whom
I was reacting

Now reconsideration reveals
such spontaneous bragging
as inspired words ease
clear eyed