Her Extemporizing Crown

Starlight in the groove,
ironlight reflects him

laughless, in Gaza, this
month, leaping moon shades

serated slice, Eve eats, pale
formica, inertia troubling

plumbing. Without my sense of
break, sayers renounce style,

half–words, semi-forged village
listens in dementia, historio-

psycho, propagating sale, ob-
verse, olive stalkers. Her

extemporizing crown, what adorned
dioramas! Next brown, speckled dove

in its moving prime, fissures,
airing nubility, spark of re-

joinder kicked up devolution,
licking dry Nile’s fire. Anxiety,

combing tremulous expulsion.
The campaign disorder, during, as,

only. Her muscle curious tongue,
bobbing. Oval ruby, spoiling wise.

Sun-ray prints pathway, watchful
as cherry wine clothes.