A Renting

Borne o’ round to outer edge, and upended
tearing (a lend,)

loaning shape in chalked-off gleam
atop dissidents

before pallid fresh frame
by no Esprit, no surmise
of the haunted simpleton smile

There was way
enumerated spayed skies over
west arcs,
lush listing,
ruffian blessing(a lasting
mutable curse)


accountable clinks supporting charity’s
bungalow-wood box,

lauding the bedraggled,
lauding the enfeebled,

lowing-on (!)
a bedraggled enfeebling hand


The desert dawning on exile
An empty sun, white and shouts

With heavy air looks liquid
I am always leaving

Godly nights along the sightless
Around a fruitful the manifold

Darkness beholden to a chocolate mud
Turning after, that shade of purple

Chorus Rings

Storied so chosen, bold.
Gloried, arise—
on up
from the fold.

Arriving loose,
bereft and heartsick cold;

How still the chorus rings on.

Waltzing adrift,
as of, but a cloud.

Shunting images ill-fitting
a shroud.

Glazing stars sobbing,
out loud;

How still the chorus rings on.

Awaken, if sustained
by a demon.

Swelled kissed, desires,
late dreamin’.

Cloaks eye, thralled dark, oh…
leave ‘em;

How stil the chorus rings on.

A year per diem
does lower count.

Sun-hit snows, flower west,
seedlings mount.

Portraits encrust within
flame, healing fount;

how still the chorus rings on.