Fiduciary Lethe

A country of law and rest.
In constant judgement.
Of constant judgement.

Annotating through air
with nosy overcoat;
A country, imagined,

as is this self, imaginedÔÄ»
in and above,
that country.

Legislating angel,
approach of a
commanded repose.

A country of law and rest.
The borrowed phasing:
the suspect, at this hour.

On this, a springtime,
Sabbath; Arrested.

The quiet country;
Which God of law and rest?
The suspect country;

Being, the case.

Green Machine

To dream it all up—Mayored,
the short-wave-radio-sound-unknown.
Inside ennui’s ether with lupine
laudanum, poppycock, a frequent to
emissions; Passion plays as morality
trails. Our orificial origins.

A moment. A word. A pregnancy,
if pause. Idling in cognition. Idling and
veneration. The stray deity’s clomp.
Subtle, surrender, stomp.

A quarter-glass resolved by revolution.
Inhale of refracting, indecisive flight.
To dream it all up—layered;

In an altared tone.


Juvenalia is what it was. A calling
is what it was.

A lost phone, a cut phone line.
How it shines

in the sun of today.
Grooved cubicles

of blocked rubber.
Wired underbelly

of the capital-city,

For the streetcar?

Glance above, formulate
symbols in response.

Sense of chimerical energy.
Ride on down—

ride it down the line.

Deadlock. Corner-store
of the heart.

Between what it does not
and what it does,

a renovated part.

Numbers in the wrong, dallied on
superfluous, daily

bread. Lady sings;
She can’t explain.