120: 1978

Me shark tooth leaps
me up afore sunrise
it wires mandibles
tools ahead of
a finite cavitied
enamel wincing
receptive to 24’s
navy blue stirrup twisting
down through re
freshed brown
the cool-out side
this shade of chocolate milk
soil infirmity or unoccurred
a beast by retiring blow
as melody to remedy
paying me inclined in fall back
of the next appropriate 60 asleep

Fidel Castro and His Beard

The incessant demand
of perfection returned
unrested and loosed
moving to one idea
of sentient sects
inane such workings
of benevolent bent-spine
books devoured also
as into ubiquitous
penetrating evil looks
so scoured it stood
creation alone the provisioner
of steady or some lasting
reproofs and untimely reprieve
a description put forth
maybe placed forth
as discrete as function
of no singular hope the
generation for a universally

Flown Buttress

—Of your S. S. Hubris de-
—lineated by an epigraphic
favor’s dis-
—emvoweled, illusory
—For my
first five years
—of plodding—
—the harbored arks pro-
—to war

+and please