The movie Stars’ still went broke
The people and their children
unwillingly went broke

The Poets then the press the Poets’
will to have went broken
The ole ballplayers all went broke

The lawyer’s wills were lingered upon broke
The Ladies Garment Manufacturers Union
was never willed broken-hearted
(nor broke)

Would that I will break this wondering king
of a went week through
wacked out wandering
alone broke in this rescuttled walking head

The Pavillion

The least one of the lesser

The most known is the barren of
resculpted gardenings

The rafflish tone after overbaked
cayenne laced steam

The Hebraist koan all a-rowing

between a ball
between a ball

and a woolen dream

If You Ever Go To Houston

If I rely on your cancerous
book false reminiscence
then you rely on forgotten
footnote addendums

If we stay compliant to
a limping rule team or
verisimilitudes they will strike
for psychosocial ambivalence

If in ensnared competition
in enflamed repetition
spelling whispers algorithmic
patronymics claim fickle fate
take to the highway post road man