Air Out

Getting back in to my skin— I’m
the only one I allow
to wash my feet

Chusid? Euclidean?

To think I deserve a Sabbath

going to gripe about

how would we live
know when it goes

If I wasn’t that something,

If I allowed something else to wash my feet?

I Can’t Talk

I can’t talk
I can’t talk about talk
I can talk

I can’t want
I can’t want about want
I can want

I can’t rest
I can’t rest about rest
I can rest

I can’t take
I can’t take about take
I can take

The Rise of David Levinsky

rising up my cavity rich allow kisses snowflake
and brick and smile

rising up my cavity rich allow
gesturing at mind:

Jews tell old stories
rocking on the toilet’s white top

holding fast a conceit of disease
expectant of rain