The 1975

The six day war was eight years old
The six million-us at least three decades

dead The elevators sweetly stupid to
not know when a sabbath bride had just

arrived and the Polish Pope with my father
with Reggie’s fourty-four making the noon-

bells of Ridge ring far into the fabled future


The movie Stars’ still went broke
The people and their children
unwillingly went broke

The Poets then the press the Poets’
will to have went broken
The ole ballplayers all went broke

The lawyer’s wills were lingered upon broke
The Ladies Garment Manufacturers Union
was never willed broken-hearted
(nor broke)

Would that I will break this wondering king
of a went week through
wacked out wandering
alone broke in this rescuttled walking head

Summer Pavillion

Leased one of the lower

Most known is the airing of
resculpted gardenings

Rafflish tone after overbaked
cayenne laced steam

Hebraist koan all a-blowing

between a ball
between a ball

and a woolen dream