Judaizer about the relative but new
agora’s fringe,

ancient eyes on extemporizing

rebelling, paralytic, casting aground for
the ideal form–

a pear cell, a host, resurrected
gateway’s wall seated crumble;

in soldierly, common assertion,

banked through
two messianic

Saint Mendel

I saw you dreamt
of Mendel
as nebbishy as he could be

I heard you dreamt
him sighing
for all he was told to be

I dreamt I slept
aside him
holding his oft sold soul

I dreamt I wept
inside him
forgiving him his asked for roll

Bughouse Radio

Bughouse radio turns placid (shows noted).

Nor’eastern shores, vigilant in
a sense of handed, fitted, the
remote slate urn
of rock slapping fluidity.

(bughouse radio now turns off: flowed
marigold dropping
round petals, tipped bowl, remade

divisible zero-difference-limits,
circumlocution—of book—
[H]umean inference)

Bughouse radio blares on-on—

Furs abroad, and window slips lip
coal, Atlantic green. Is cradled time a
lukewarm froth of yellow? (convened,
fellow rivulets:
an energized, syncretist
historicity of

Bundist club spouts—my bughouse radio
glue warped—hatched on silver lustre,
smelted, slopped across the cockroach
of boring white)

Bughouse radio alerts, radial elements
get active.

Radio elements moor.